Additional Wellness Services


Members of the QUEERFLEX Fit Fam will enjoy access to queer and trans affirming massage therapy, Reiki energy healing, and mental health support, all at sliding scale pricing.

More information on our Memberships can be found HERE.

We are currently looking for a queer and trans affirming, HAES-centred dietician to work with our diverse client base! Please contact us HERE if this is you, or if you have any recommendations.


Michelle Kennedy approaches counselling from a collaborative, client-as-expert methodology that focuses on conversation. Conversations led by you, the expert in your own life. Her principle interest in your sessions together is you and what you need in order to tell the story of your life in your own words.

Michelle takes a feminist, socially just and trauma-informed approach to counselling recognizing the systems that impact our experiences.

Michelle uses techniques from Narrative, solution-focused, and person-centered therapies to build resiliency, hope, and work towards the story of your life you want to tell.

Michelle offers 90-minute sessions for $80-$150/session

Every third Monday Michelle will offer 60-minute to those for whom the regular fee is inaccessible. These sessions will cost $15-$70/session

Services resume June 10, 2019.



Our registered massage therapist Shane Roach (they/them) offers massage from a queer and trans-affirming, weight neutral perspective.

Shane now operates their business, AllOUT Massage, out of QUEERFLEX on a full time basis to 2SLGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. They offering 60-minute massages at the following prices:

  • QUEERFLEX members for $60/session

  • Non-members for $70/session

Shane is also proud to offer Sliding Scale Saturdays for QUEERFLEX members who do not have health benefits or whose benefits have run out. Our members-only sliding scale rate is between $25 and $50, available only on Saturdays.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a simple form of energy work that activates the natural healing processes in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body. The practitioner channels positive life force energy to them and through them to facilitate this work. Reiki is done clothed, with or without touch, and is safe for all bodies.

Kyle Fairall is a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, and has been doing energy work for well over a decade. Their intuitive and compassionate nature, combined with their commitment to radical, holistic, trauma-informed healing guides their practice.

The cost of these sessions is sliding scale for members:

  • 10 minute check-in + 40 minute session + 10 minute Debrief = $40-$70

  • 5 minute. check-in + 20 minute session + 10 minute debrief = $20-$50

Non-member pricing can be found HERE.