Johnny Jagajivan


Thai Massage, Massage Therapy Student

Wellness means so much to so many different people. Regardless of if you feel “good” or “happy” with yourself, everyone has the right to access and experience whatever they understand wellness to mean in their life. Unfortunately for a lot of people, due to many social and financial barriers, that is not always a right come into there way. Everything from finical insecurity to just not feeling comfortable. This is why I’m really excited to be apart of Queerflex.

Coming from a past or addictions, poverty, and my struggles with sexuality and toxic masculinity, and growing up as a bouncer in various bars in Toronto, it forced me to harden my shell and live two lives (the gay and straight life). Obviously this is not sustainable and quickly I was outed. Thankfully I was very supported by my group of friends who at that point were some of the most hardcore dudes I’ve known.

Even with that support I still couldn’t accept myself and wasn’t honest to everyone about it. This really kickstarted the darkness I lived in for many many years. Only two things I believe kept me alive that whole time: fitness and music.

It took many years for me to really become comfortable with myself. When I was 25 I was able to pull myself together and bike across Canada even with a active addiction to alcohol. This sparked the slow beginning of positive changes. Beginning to learn how to love myself. Just after my 30th birthday I was able to give up the bottle.

Fast forward today just over four years later. I have spent that last four years transforming myself. First beginning with a change of careers four and a half years ago. Beginning my journey in the health and wellness industry as a Personal Trainer. After spending sometime living with monks I decided to do my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Sacred Seed. Shortly after a opportunity to learn Thai Massage was presented. This led me to see the healing power of touch and sparked the motivation to go back to school to become a RMT.

I’m very excited to be doing some of my RMT practical hours within the Queerflex community, and offering Thai Massage to those who seek it. I am also looking forward to traveling with you on your own path to whatever you understand wellness to mean, and look forward to meeting you soon!

More info about massage and how to book with Johnny can be found HERE