Meet the Team

  Kyle Fairall, pronouns: They/them

Kyle Fairall, pronouns: They/them

Kyle Fairall

Executive Director, Personal Training Specialist, Level I Kickboxing Instructor, 200RYT (Yoga Instructor), Reiki Practitioner

Hey! I'm Kyle, and I identify as a queer, non-binary, cry-baby femme. I have a background in reiki, yoga, martial arts, social work, and drag. I have always been passionate about creating - sometimes demanding - space for LGBTQIA2S+ folks in the many communities I am a part of. 

As a CanFit Pro certified Personal Training Specialist, I believe in an approach to fitness that considers the mental, social, physical and spiritual. I believe in Health At Every Size. And I believe that honouring the intersections of identity and trauma in our LGBTQIA2S+ communities is essential to sustainable wellness.

In addition to being a fitness professional, I am also a mom, vegan, recovered addict, dad-joke enthusiast, hard core cat-lover and instigator of QUEERFLEX.

Through QUEERFLEX, I aim to build up the bodies, minds and tender hearts of our community. I want to make QUEERFLEX a tool for other trans, queer and non-binary people in becoming stronger, more resilient and powerful forces in the world.

Follow me and my cats on Instagram @queerflex_kyle. Check out awesome representations of trans, queer and non-binary people taking up gym space and being rad at @queerflex.

Want to collaborate with Kyle or bring them in to speak to your community, school or fitness group? Click HERE.

Terje Snow

Personal Training Specialist

Throughout all of the change that I’ve been through in my life, fitness has been something that has always helped me keep anchored and helped in my mental health. I’ve personally struggled with depression and exercise is one of the things that helped me immensely.

I’ve been privileged to have a couple of different friends and fitness professionals who shared their knowledge with me over the years. Their help gave me the confidence to explore different avenues of physical activity that I hadn’t felt comfortable to do before. 

Being transgender I have had my own personal difficulties in finding accessible spaces where I feel comfortable being out at and I know this is often the case for other LGBTQIA2S+ folks. Feeling honoured and recognized for who you are is healing in itself, so I am excited to be a part of QUEERFLEX in creating a space that does that, so that others can also feel safe accessing fitness. 

I got my CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist certification so that I can be a part of a movement that sees a commitment to change in the fitness industry in Edmonton and beyond.

When I’m not Queerflexing, I’m doing communications and marketing in the Fine Arts and Education sector or hanging out with my Wife Janelle and my Stepdaughter. Oh and our four fur friends (Two cats. Two dogs. All foster fails). You can follow me on Instagram @coldviking

  Terje Snow, pronouns: He/him

Terje Snow, pronouns: He/him

  Adeebayo Katiiti, pronouns:  He/him or they/them

Adeebayo Katiiti, pronouns: He/him or they/them

Adebayo Katiiti

Personal Training Specialist, Dance Instructor

My name is Adebayo (or Adie, Ads, Adebs, Ade, Addy, Bayo), and I am a transgender athlete who came to Edmonton from Uganda for the ILGA swimming competition that took place in August 2016. I was not able to go back home because of fear of being persecuted by the police and after my family disowned me because of being queer. 

I have a Degree in Sports Science from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. I am also a certified physical fitness trainer and Dance instructor from Uganda, and identify as a trans queer dude. My pronouns are He/Him or They/Them.

I believe physical fitness, exercise and sports are the strongest medicine and they have helped heal my trauma and mental health experiences. I believe that every human being young and old is an inspiration to those who want solutions to any physical, mental, or emotional problems, you can get a lot by listening to what they say and sharing intimate feelings.

When I am not queerflexing, I am advocating for rights of LGBTIQ+ Refugees here in Edmonton, and working as an amenity attendant for the city of Edmonton pools and a slide patrol at the World Waterpark. You can also find me making art and writing music that has a powerful influence on my life, and hanging out with friends.

I also love to eat donuts, poutine, mac and cheese, ice cream and beer.  Poutine and mac and cheese are my favourite Canadian food! I also love dancing, swimming, and playing soccer.

I am super excited to be apart of an organization whose passion is to create a safe space for the LGBTQIA2S+ community. I am ready to learn and offer my skills to the QUEERFLEX community, and am so proud to be part of this thing which has brought us all together.

You can follow me on Instagram @cute_is_adebayo