Trekking for QUEERFLEX

Support from the many communities we are apart of is one of the biggest ways we are able to do what we do at QUEERFLEX. This is why we were so excited and blown away when Laura reached out to us, asking if she could raise money for our organization as she aimed to trek over 3000 miles on the Continental Divide Trail in this coming year.


Laura (she/her), who identifies as a “proud queer woman from Alberta”, is a granddaughter, daughter, niece, sibling, auntie, cousin and friend. She is an athlete, student of life, social worker, dreamer and wanderer. She is a lover of nature, family, friends, and community.

She is excited that you are here to support QUEERFLEX by pledging your hard earned dollars to her cross-contenteial adventures!

As someone who has struggled in the past with addiction and an eating disorder, Laura credits much of her ability to honour her body, mind, and spirit to being able to positively identify as a queer woman, and to sport and movement.

She believes that we all deserve a safe place in which we can grow, discover ourselves, and heal. This is why she is so passionately and generously dedicating her trek to our fledging organization - and this is why she is asking for YOUR support!

As Laura hikes the Continental Divide, 100% of all proceeds she raises will go directly to QUEERFLEX in order to help us continue work we are doing and to sustain and grow our services. The expenses of the trek itself will be funded solely through her own personal savings, and she asks that any dollars you do want to put her way end up instead as a donation to our (VERY GRATEFUL) organization.

Want to know more about Laura, her previous adventures, and why she is doing this darn thing for our little gym?


Want to make a pledge to Laura’s trek and help QUEERFLEX remain accessible and sustainable?


Want to follow Laura as she makes her way thru all of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana?


Questions? Don’t be afraid to email us at or pop us a message through our contact page HERE.