Terje Snow

They/them or he/him

Personal Training Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor

Throughout all of the change that I’ve been through in my life, fitness has been something that has always helped me keep anchored and helped in my mental health. I’ve personally struggled with depression and exercise is one of the things that helped me immensely.

I’ve been privileged to have a couple of different friends and fitness professionals who shared their knowledge with me over the years. Their help gave me the confidence to explore different avenues of physical activity that I hadn’t felt comfortable to do before. 

Being transgender I have had my own personal difficulties in finding accessible spaces where I feel comfortable being out at and I know this is often the case for other LGBTQIA2S+ folks. Feeling honoured and recognized for who you are is healing in itself, so I am excited to be a part of QUEERFLEX in creating a space that does that, so that others can also feel safe accessing fitness. 

I got my CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist certification so that I can be a part of a movement that sees a commitment to change in the fitness industry in Edmonton and beyond.

When I’m not Queerflexing, I’m doing communications and marketing in the Fine Arts and Education sector or hanging out with my Wife Janelle and my Stepdaughter. Oh and our four fur friends (Two cats. Two dogs. All foster fails). You can follow me on Instagram @coldviking